Exploring Montreal with Flat Stanley on my lune de miel [honeymoon] in November…

Here is a smathering of trivial factoids about myself…  I am starting back to school, finally working toward my long-time dream of becoming an illustrator and/or graphic designer.  The cyber world has been flourishing since I began college in 198… well, that’s enough of that!  ANYway… so I am excited about where this journey may lead me!…

I am married to the Prince Charming of my prayers, and we have been blessed with 4 beautiful and talented children.  Some other highlights in my life have been growing through youth and music ministries; singing with a few Christian bands and traveling nationally and overseas with some of them; cultivating and cherishing true friendships; working as a teaching assistant with wonderful first graders… and the list keeps growing!

I hope to inspire others along the way                                       … maybe even you!

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    • Thank you, Suz ~ both triumphs and tribulations, but they are both necessary to truly appreciate every blessing! And when I need a break, I can travel vicariously to Disney through your blog! 🙂

    • I loved your panorama! I can’t wait to get my children out on a whale watching expedition! It was absolutely breathtaking when I went 12 years ago and something I will never forget ~ to see a Humpback whale launch himself out of the ocean… It still gives me chills! 🙂

  1. Michele, thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with school, graphic designing/illustrating. Sounds like a sound plan 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my post. I love what you are doing.. I went back to school when my children were very young and it was about 10 years after I had graduated from high school… what a crazy and amazing experience it has been. Good luck.

    • Yes, I tried when they were wee ones and it was much more challenging to stay focused while trying to sing the “Super Duper Pooper” song! 🙂 It’s much better when they can dress themselves!!! And now we all encourage each other… I am truly blessed… even in the stress! Haha! Thanks for checking out Fitztopia!

  3. Thank you for dropping by my blog. Where is this ” weekly post challenge” hosted? I am part of a “weekly challenge” with a group of cyber friends. Would be interesting to join a weekly post challenge. 🙂

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