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Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life of an Art Mom!


Here is a snapshot of the days that fill my every week in a nutshell (no pun intended)! :)…

Just the basic supplies to get me through the week!…

…and this is what I have been up to in the first 3 weeks of my drawing class!

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“Everyday Life”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far


While visiting Disney World in May for our ‘Familymoon’, we found ourselves in the midst of the new construction for the highly anticipated Fantasyland renovations.  Disney announced that they would be phasing in new attractions, restaurants and shops, including the addition of The Beast’s Castle (“Beauty and the Beast”) and Prince Eric’s Castle (“Little Mermaid”) through 2014.  Just past the construction barriers, you can see the beginnings of Belle’s stomping grounds.

A closer view of The Beast’s Castle under construction at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
(Photograph taken May 2012)

In a very Disney-esque style of forced perspective that is seen throughout all of their parks, the scale of the castle gives the impression of great distance.  The actual size of the castle can be better realized alongside the construction workers, in some terrific photos that I found online at: Inside the Magic (click here).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit!


Just posting on the fly in this nut-astically insane week!… Here is my response to this week’s photo challenge!

Back in ’94, I spent an incredible week at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota…  I still remember the sound of hooves rumbling across the hilltop as some of the Native men in the tribe rode around the camp and into the Arena before the start of Grand Entry for the Pow Wow.  It was a heart pounding vision that perfectly portrayed the theme of Free Spirit… I will never forget it!

The riders circle the Arena prior to Grand Entry.

Riders exit the Arena during Brotherhood Days Pow Wow.
(Pine Ridge Reservation, SD)

One of the many beautiful shawl dancers during Grand Entry.

Now that I am older and raising children, it is no longer appropriate for me to enter the arena as a shawl dancer.  This picture of another young woman shawl dancing during that pow wow, is reminiscent of my more ‘spirited’ and youthful years!  🙂

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