Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong! So Very Wrong!


Okay, I know this weekly challenge has passed by, but I just had to share this very unusual find while we were on a family vacation last week in Atlanta, Georgia.  This advertisement was hanging outside of “Legoland” at Phipps Plaza…



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    • There are scientists who specialize in this very specific thing.
      Seems they have finally worked up the nearve to try sharing their
      knowledge. It takes a true Boheimain hunter to spot something like
      this – congradulations. I wonder if they traveled the world to collect the rarest and most excheptional samples – you know I always wondered
      what that white stuff was in bird and lizard poop – (Hint – it’s concentrated pee) – I wonder – would loosing a trivia contest with
      one of these poop guys be more of a victory on my part?

      • Hahaha… yeah, I used to be a biology major in college, but I don’t think I would even be intrigued by this exhibit… especially if there was any featured 4D movie! 😉 Can’t imagine what these guys talk about at a party ~ phew!

    • Too quote the late steve erwin – “It’s goat poo! AND IT STINKS!”
      Talk, about stating the obvious science, though I would imagine
      that finding a job in this field must be pretty easy, if your shamless
      enough to admit you want it. They are probably just children who
      never grew out of their poop phase . . .

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