Weekly Photo Challenge, Part 3: Now THAT’s a Dress!


Treasure Island Couture Boutique in Annapolis, MD

Running some errands in Downtown Annapolis today, I stopped immediately as I glanced into this boutique window!  I could hear “Dreamweaver” playing through my mind as the rest of the world faded for a moment… It was a very virtual, parallel universe, “Wayne’s World” reality… (sigh)… One day it will be mine ~ Oh yes, it WILL be mine!… along with the 23-inch waistline I once enjoyed a long, long time ago!  🙂


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    • When I was talking to my artist sister-in-law about my longing to draw again, but never finding the time or the inspiration, her sound advice was to “Just start drawing!”… “don’t overthink it – just get pencil to the pad & it will come”… I pass that baton along to you (in the spirit of the Olympics, eh?)! Just start typing and it will come! Follow your path & don’t worry about what others will want to read. You will find the encouragement, the outlet, your ‘voice’… open your ‘mouth’ and siiing! I can’t wait to read your lyrics! 🙂

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